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Anti-Theft Signs

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What is the point of anti-theft signs? Simply put it is a deterrent that just causes potential thieves and vandals to think again before they commit an anti-social act of vandalism or break-in to grab a smartphone or wallet.

Needing no power or expensive services or internet-of-things, the simple presence of anti-theft signage that carry a warning can avoid heart breaks with innocent folks that return from a bracing walk or swim to find their car broken into.

Anti Theft Signs

Who needs these kinds of security signs? Often, we work with local authorities and law enforcement to screen print and supply council CCTV signs or signs carrying an anti-theft message. Browse our range of crime-reduction signs.

Typical sites are at car parks, housing estates, shopping malls, and schools and public recreation parks.

From Neighbourhood Watch signshealth and safety signs in the workplace, to hygiene signs, we are a sign maker based between Nottingham and Derby, and we can fulfil most bespoke requirements.

Get in touch with us on 0115 973 3323 to speak over any sign printing needs that you may have.

Anti Theft Signs