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What Do The 10+ Recycling Symbols Actually Mean?

Green Dot

In many European countries the ‘Green Dot’ symbol is often put on packaging but doesn’t necessarily mean that the packaging can be recycled. What it does signify is that a financial contribution has been paid to a national organisation assisting with packaging recovery. 

In the UK the ‘Green Dot’ is used as a registered trademark but does not have any other specific meaning for UK consumers.

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Mobius Loop

This is a well known symbol known as the ‘Mobius Loop’ which shows that an item is able to be recycled. It does not mean that the item necessarily contains recycled material. If the item contains recycled material this will be shown by a % in the centre of the logo. 

Not all items marked with this symbol can be recycled at local recycling centres – please check with the relevant local authorities.


This is not actually a recycling symbol. It is a symbol trademarked by Keep Britain Tidy, a charity, and used on packaging to alert consumers of the need to dispose of items considerately and not to litter. Keep Britain Tidy aims to eliminate litter and make neighbourhoods more pleasant places to live.

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Recyclable Aluminium

Used to show that items are made from recyclable aluminium and as such can be recycled and used over and over again. This symbol is often seen on drinks cans.

Plastic Recycling Codes

Plastic resins are identified by 7 different numbers which helps to sort out different types of plastic for recycling. Whilst many types can be recycled, local authorities often do not have the facilities to recycle them all. Types 1 and 2 are the most easily recycled. 

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Please get in touch if you require any information on sign materials that can be recycled.