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What Is The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme?

Neighbourhood Watch is a charitable organisation with more than 2.3 million members in England and Wales. It is the largest organisation of its kind relating to crime prevention and schemes are run by volunteers who support many local and regional Neighbourhood Watch Associations. The Neighbourhood Watch Network is a national ‘umbrella’ organisation providing support and information to the local and regional associations.

Neighbourhood Watch first started in the UK in 1982 and celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2022 which is accompanied by a special 40th anniversary logo. Some of the early schemes were known as Home Watch and were set up in response to local burglaries to provide a watch scheme in those neighbourhoods. These have grown significantly since those early years with more and more volunteers adding to the success of the scheme at the local, county and regional levels.

Areas, where Neighbourhood Watch is established, can be identified by the well-known Neighbourhood Watch signs attached to lamp posts in the area.

Does Neighbourhood Watch Reduce Insurance?

The purpose of Neighbourhood Watch schemes is to reduce household crime and provide a safer neighbourhood for persons to live in. This is recognised by some house insurance providers who offer a reduced premium to Neighbourhood Watch members.

(Research from 2014 suggested that 33% of house insurance providers do offer discounts to members of Neighbourhood Watch schemes – Compare The Market website)

Co-op Insurance has been partnering with Neighbourhood Watch since 2016 and has provided window stickers for Neighbourhood Watch members

Benefits Of Neighbourhood Watch

If you become a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme you will be helping to make the area where you live in a safer place to be. Neighbourhood Watch encourages collaboration with your neighbours and others within the community who share this common vision.

Neighbourhood Watch Network provides a lot of information and resources to help things forward

  • A monthly newsletter “Our News” is sent via email.
  • Messaging service that provides regular updates.
  • Access to existing Neighbourhood Watch campaigns.
  • Advice relating to Crime Prevention and Cyber protection.
  • Exclusive offers and discounts from suppliers. Co-Op Insurance offers a discount to Neighbourhood Watch members along with Patlock French window locks.

How To Purchase Neighbourhood Watch Signs

You can download a price list for the standard Neighbourhood Watch signs direct from our websites Crime Reduction Signs or NS Print.

If you need any other sizes or if you require a bespoke design then please send an email to or give NSP a call on 0115 973 3323