Health and Safety Signs In The Workplace

Firstly alongside the variety of signage we produce for local authorities, businesses and the public, moreover we also produce a wide range of Health and Safety Signs/Signage.

Secondly clear Health and Safety signs in the workplace are essential for the wellbeing of staff and members of the public to avoid potential dangers in today’s legal minefield.

Thirdly we provide signs to businesses, hospitals, schools, public venues and many other locations where hazards need highlighting. However It’s not just hazards though, as signs can include information such as fire safety procedures, food hygiene requirements and first aid points.

These H&S signs can be split into different sections to highlight their purpose. Therefore the Health and Safety Executive pdf from publications splits these into four sections. For instance being Prohibition, Mandatory, Warning and Emergency Escape/First Aid signs. We have provided a few examples and sub divided the warnings section in our examples below.

Health And Safety Signs Examples

  1. Signs to show things that must be done such as wearing safety goggles and helmets.
  2. To indicate hazards such as a trip hazard in the workplace.
  3. Risk to life signs such as electricity voltage signs or deep water signs.
  4. Directional signs to show where to go in event of emergency such as Fire Exit or First Aid location signage.
  5. Warning signs to tell people not to do something e.g. No Parking, No Smoking etc.
  6. Signs to highlight hygiene compliance such as in food preparation areas.
  7. Our wide range of Covid-19 signs to remind staff and public of the ongoing risks.

More examples of H&S signs we provide include:

  1. Prohibition Signs
  2. Mandatory Signs
  3. Fire Safety Signs
  4. First Aid Signs
  5. Site Safety Signs
  6. Shadow Boards
  7. Waste & Recycling Signs
  8. Labels & Stickers
  9. Warning Signs

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