Hygiene Signs

Firstly hygiene signs are of utmost importance across kitchens and food production areas as well as taking sensible steps .
Normanton Screen print provide a wide variety of hygiene signs, labels and stickers and posters.
We supply to local authorities, Police forces, hospitals, doctors and dentists surgeries. In addition to schools, universities and charities and businesses.
Secondly these can be standard hygiene signs as well as specific COVID-19 signage. For instance organisations and businesses which provide hygienic products for staff and visitors will require appropriate signage to instruct staff.
Likewise visitors are clear on the use and the location of these products.

Printing Custom Signs

We supply a wide variety of custom signs and the images shown here only represent a small sample of our range.
You can choose from our standard sign designs or you can order a bespoke design to your own specification. For example these can include company logos, custom shapes, sizes or colours.
Thirdly our internal design team can produce any designs you require and provide you with visual proofs. Most importantly the range of signs, labels and stickers and posters can be located at various points around your premises.
Therefore reminding everyone to continue to practice current government advice.

In summary

In conclusion to see the latest guidance regarding the current requirements for hygiene signs, social distancing, infection control and so on. Visit www.gov.uk and/or the Health and Safety Executive websites www.hse.gov.uk.

In short if you require any advice or further information please call and speak to Kevin. However you can contact a member of our team on 0115 973 3323.

Also, email us your enquiry at sales@nsprint.net. – and or complete the contact form at https://www.nsprint.net/contact-us/

Investing in improving hygiene and safety is a priority for many companies, and signage is a key component of the strategy. For some more ideas on reducing slips & trips, watch the in-depth study by Fox’s biscuits at two of their factories in the video below.

design options for hygiene signs